Your site scanned into 3D and Virtual Reality, Australia-wide, from only $299



At Get3D, we have developed an “ingenious“ machine that generates digital replicas.  This ingenious machine incorporates a unique set of technologies and processes that convert a physical building, property, site or house, and instantly digitizes it into an interactive, true-to-life digital copy of itself.  This replica, also known as a “Digital Twin”, is a copy or double of your real site.

No longer is our world merely a physical collection of concrete, steel, bricks and mortar.  Our existence is now transcending into the infinite world of digital space, where simulated visual versions of our own physical environment co-exist side-by-side. And with the ability to hold our little pieces of the planet in our hands, a world of possibilities larger than our imagination open up – a little bit like capturing lightning in a bottle!


Simply enter your site location & any additional file types needed

Get3D will arrange a time for your site to be digitized

Get3D delivers your new digital twin site to you!

Simply enter the details of your apartment, house, commercial or industrial site that you want digitised.  In addition to providing a visual 3D model and Virtual Reality walkthrough, choose from over 50 different output formats that Get3D can produce.  Simply enter some basic details about your site and its location, then Get3D will get in touch to arrange a time to scan and digitize the site.  From there, the Get3D machine converts the scan into a variety of different outputs for you various uses, including being able to walk through the site digitally on any device by merely using your finger to navigate, moving through the site in Virtual Reality, or importing the 3D model of the site into another application for further use.

By the end, your new Digital Twin version of your site will be ready to be walked through, manipulated, integrated, or anything else you can imagine!


Get3D helps home owners, business owners, asset and site managers, and 3rd parties (like insurers) get a complete, accurate, measurable and virtual view of their property throughout providing a critical snapshot of layout and condition.

Virtual & Immersive Models

Get3D’s detailed 3D models can be walked-through, or viewed immersively in VR, giving you a complete record snapshot of your site.

Powerful AI Capabilities

Get3D can take your data and add layers of additional depth for more detailed information about your sites than ever before, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analysis.

Accurate & Measurable

Get3D’s Digital Twins are developed using complex sensors and algorithms that enable measuring within 1% accuracy.

Extensive Suite of Output Types

Get3D’s data manipulation engine produces 50+ output formats, ingestible by a huge number of industry-standard applications such as Autodesk, Revit, ArcGIS and more.

Accessible 24x7 Cross Device

Access your 3D site dollhouses, floorplans, or walkthroughs on virtually any web-connected device, anywhere in the world, anytime.

Secure, Scalable & Repeatable

Get3D uses industry-standard data security and encryption technologies, ensuring your data is always safe and secure.


Get3D’s Digital Twin models can be applied across a huge range of industries including Insurance, Utilities, Government, Manufacturing, Asset & Facilities Management, Commercial and Retail, Hospitality, as well as a variety of Personal uses.


Digital Twin (including 3D dollhouse, floorplan and VR)