Finally this massive headache of Architects and Interior Designers is solved!

Finally this massive headache of Architects and Interior Designers is solved!

Finally this massive headache of Architects and Interior Designers is solved!

The Unnecessary Challenges of an Already Challenging Job

Architects and Interior Designers have unenviable tasks!  They need to understand enough about the physical spaces and constraints as the basis for their planning and add imagination to that that allows them to visualise and demonstrate what a new world could look like.  This is challenging enough when starting from a blank canvas and white space developments.  However, when planning major changes to a series of spaces such as homes, commercial sites, shops, attractions, etc. obtaining a detailed and true understanding of the current layout, dimensions, furnishings and equipment of the site can be difficult and extremely time-consuming.


Plans are Merely That – Plans

Lack of clarity of an existing space can significantly add to the complexity of an architectural or design project.  In addition, an even riskier situation occurs where plans and blueprints are in hand that in fact actually differ substantially from the state of the current site.  This could be due to builders deciding to go off plan, last minute engineering or design changes during construction, or merely because renovations and updates have been made to the site (often progressively) that never resulted in the original plans being updated.


The Emergence of the “Digital Twin” as a Digital Copy of a Real Site

Fortunately, technology has now advanced to the point where solutions comprised of leading-edge imagery equipment combined with sophisticated software algorithms are enabling us to create “Digital Twins” or digital copies of sites that are true-to-life, extremely accurate and measurable.  In addition, the sites are realistic and complete with furniture, true colours and lighting, features, and fittings.  These Digital Twins can be viewed across any device, from anywhere.  You can even walk through the Digital Twins in virtual reality, giving a realistic, immersive and interactive experience in the site itself whenever you like!


Finally this massive headache of Architects and Interior Designers is solved!


Much More Than Just A Visually Appealing Experience

Whilst virtual tours have been popping up for some time, a true Digital Twin provides so much more value over and above more basic photo-based solutions.  It is this value that is critical for architects and designers.  As examples, the Digital Twins that 3D site modelling leader, Get3D, produces is able to be measured to within 1% or better in accuracy.  Over and above this, many Digital Twins only reach the full potential of their value when they can be imported into CAD and Revit systems that allow further analysis and manipulation to be performed directly on the model.  Get3D not only scans your site but allows you to have it exported into over 50 different file types that you might need as part of your projects.


Try Get3D Now from only $299 (including Digital Twin & Virtual Reality)

With the Get3D Digital Twin generating “machine”, you can simply enter some basic site location and size details online, specify the file output types you need (eg. CAD, Revit, GIS, etc) and Get3D will rapidly provide you with a Digital Twin you can import directly into your systems, as well as Virtual Reality being standard across all our Digital Twins.  All this ordered online without leaving your office.

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