How Landlords Are Using 3D Technology to Protect Their Property!

How Landlords Are Using 3D Technology to Protect Their Property!

How Landlords Are Using 3D Technology to Protect Their Property!

Peace of mind from the start: 3D Digital Twins making life easy

Proposed rental reforms could make it increasingly difficult for landlords to recover losses in cases of property damage. As a landlord there are common scenarios where 3D mapping technologies can seriously benefit.

Cutting edge 3D Technologies provide a snapshot in time enabling property owners and estate agents to have a fully detailed, online 3D “digital twin” of the home where nothing can be missed or lost. Being able to virtually walk through a property in the state it was originally in is much more reliable than the old method of notes taken on paper. When a lease is over, a second walk through can quickly provide a side-by-side before and after of the property to assess any damage (outside of regular wear and tear).

How Landlords Are Using 3D Technology to Protect Their Property!

The ongoing need for rental homes to be captured in Virtual Reality

The 3D Digital Twin of a property is also a great reference tool when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Whilst it is the responsibility of a tenant to keep the property clean and undamaged, it is the responsibility of the landlord or the property manager for keeping the home in a good condition for the tenant to live in. Having a detailed snapshot of the property’s condition on hand is extremely useful to request or prove repair or maintenance is required. A Virtual Reality walk through of the property can also be used by landlords to obtain quotes eliminating the need for all parties to be home, often during the work day to let tradespeople in.


Insuring Smarter: 3D Digital Twins are more useful than you think

Not only can 3D Internal mapping provide the best possible condition report, as mentioned in our blog post HERE (insert hyperlink) you’ve got an accurate record for insurance purposes. While most tenants take great care of properties, unfortunately you can end up with serious damage which to fix can be expensive and time consuming. Being able to provide a detailed, accurate record of the property to your insurer when making a claim is powerful stuff!


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