How 3D Digital Twin Technology Can Immediately Drive Up To 87% More Views of Your Real Estate Listing

How 3D Digital Twin Technology Can Immediately Drive Up To 87% More Views of Your Real Estate Listing

How 3D Digital Twin Technology Can Immediately Drive Up To 87% More Views of Your Real Estate Listing

3D Digital Twin Technology is Revolutionising the Real Estate Industry

It is now a world where prospective property buyers’ expectations around information is climbing higher and higher at a rate of knots.  And with this, the Real Estate market, which is an industry that enjoyed relatively lower levels of recent change, is finally having the technology wave radically change the way that buyers are engaged.  Virtual Tours of properties through the creation of “digital twins” are now becoming such an integral part of the Real Estate advertising landscape that a recent study revealed that 56% of prospective buyers will not look at a property listing unless it has a digital tour included.  In fact, real estate listings that include a digital twin are 87% more likely to be viewed by a property-hunter!


The Importance of a True Digital Twin rather than a Poorer Substitute

With the recent drive for more immersive virtual tours, many Real Estate agents are struggling to obtain the level of quality of tour that prospective buyers are now seeking.  As a result, many sub-par digital tours are being used, which provide poor substitutes for a truly real virtual tour or even better, a complete “digital twin”.  It is important that the digital twins do not only provide a very visually appealing viewpoint of a listing.  They should also be of high quality and value in the information it can provide over and above the visual elements.


8 Reasons Why a Digital Twin Is Better

To ensure you are maximising your chance of success in a market where every prospective buyer could provide critical potential value (and hence $$$), Get3D has compiled a list of 8 key criteria for ensuring you have a true digital twin as part of a digital property tour:

  1. The person using the virtual tour should have complete control of the tour and the direction of travel and be able to explore any room at any time
  2. The imagery, lighting, furniture and features of the tour should be captured based on reality, not virtually created
  3. The person using the tour should be able to access the tour from any device and even immerse themselves in a virtual reality view of the digital twin, enabling a realistic walkthrough of the property
  4. The model should be so accurate that precise measurements can be taken off the digital twin for purposes of size, furnishings, or prospective renovations or alterations
  5. The experience should be of high resolution, high fidelity, and high quality across all channels
  6. The digital space should be supplemented with additional important information within the tour, that could be in the form of textual information, hyperlinks to further detail, images, video or other
  7. The tour should be shareable on listing sites as well as directly with anyone anywhere in the world looking to inspect the property
  8. The model should also be available in a variety of file formats for potential use by surveyors, architects, interior designers, or other


The Digital Twin to Emotionally Capture Buyers

Real estate agents see a key success factor to obtaining an optimal result is to convert prospective buyers into highly motivated and emotionally connected bidders.  One of the most powerful ways to achieve this to provide the potential buyer with the opportunity to walk through the property, anywhere, anytime, throughout all the property, and as many times as they need to as part of this critical decision.  Digital twin technology is now providing the ability to inspect a property without the need to find time, availability and the general convenience of an “all at once” advertised inspection.


Where Do I Get The Digital Twin for My Property Listing

For more information or to order a digital twin of your property listing, contact Get3D at where our Get3D machine will provide you with a rapid scan including digital twin, dollhouse, floorplan and immersive virtual reality.  All from only $299!