Increase Hospitality Bookings with this Simple and Immersive Virtual Tool!

Increase Hospitality Bookings with this Simple and Immersive Virtual Tool!

Increase Hospitality Bookings with this Simple and Immersive Virtual Tool!

Standing out from the crowd with your 3D Digital Twin

Let’s face it, Australia’s got a fantastic café, restaurant and bar scene. We’ve seen our beloved brunch and coffee pop up in New York, bars and restaurants in Amsterdam and pubs in London. But back home that means a highly competitive market with customers who want to know if it’s worth walking through your door beforehand. Cue online reconnaissance, and a 3D Digital Twin of your business can take menu stalking to the next level. Imagine people being able to experience your establishment online via a virtual walk through. How cool is that?!


Seeing is believing: More than just a menu

Virtual Reality technology has come a long way and customers can now immerse themselves in a venue, experiencing the space as if they are actually there simply from their smartphone or computer. It’s one thing to be lured in by a menu, it’s another to see the décor, tables, chairs as if you’re in the room itself. In a digital world this is powerful stuff! Competition is fierce and businesses need to show what they’ve got to help get their customers in the door.


Pulling power on a bigger scale

Does your venue host events? The marketing for event packages has changed with the ability to include a virtual reality walk through to your potential clients. When comparing spaces it’s vital to provide the look and feel on a deeper level, and some things a picture gallery just can’t capture. A 3D digital twin of your space not only helps you stand out from the pack but provides an online experience which is definitely an advantage in our increasingly time poor world. Who has time to visit venues all day? It’s time to embrace 3D technology and make things simple.



With the Get3D Digital Twin generating “machine” simply enter some basic site location and size details online. Specify the file output types you need (eg. CAD, Revit, GIS, etc) and Get3D will rapidly provide you with a Digital Twin you can import directly into your systems, as well as Virtual Reality being standard across all our Digital Twins. All this ordered online without leaving home it couldn’t be easier!